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Slightly more recent stuff (exclusive to this site! Not found in any stores!)

Gossip and Miscommunication Nov. 15, 2004
Allison is born Oct. 11, 2004
Thanksgiving 2003 - Nov. 30, 2003
Accidents will happen - Jan. 27, 2001
Poem - Growing Old Gracefully
Kari Parts I and II - a poem
Terroism and Liberties in America - Oct. 20, 2001
Resignation letter to CODAC - Nov. 6, 2001 - a biting piece of satire about my workplace, in .pdf format.
Poem - Status - poem I wrote a couple weeks before Elijah was born



Writings from the geocities website:

All of the stories are in .pdf format and need adobe acrobat reader, a free download. Everything else is in regular html format. I chose .pdf format because it is a little easier on the eyes when you look at it on a computer screen and these are slightly more secure this way.



Writing Betty (pdf)

Rebound (pdf)
Station (pdf)

Sleep Deprived

Standing on a Wall

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