Halloween: Not just for Kids

Ok, here I am, trying to figure out if I really have something to say about halloween but feeling that it really is a time of year deserving some sort of mention on this, my web page. I mean, I've posted essays about other holidays in the past and those were favorably received, by those who read them. However, in the past, I posted these writings on the holiday itself. Then, the day afterwards, people think, "oh, it's not thanksgiving (or whatever) any more, I don't need to read that one." Well, in an effort to do something different, I'm posting this a few (not many) days before. But Halloween hasn't happened yet, so I don't have any experiences about the night to relate. So, what to write?

It turns out, I have something to write. Otherwise, I wouldn't be putting you through the torture of wading through this page (hey, trust me! I always have a point). I'm going to talk about the weather.

*YAWN* I can just hear some of my readers say (or rather, do). But wait. This is interesting. To me. Hopefully to others.
As you should know, I live in Arizona. Southern Arizona. It gets hot here. Too hot, in fact.

Thank you for listening.

© Matthew Rutherford 1998

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