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Who is this Mathoni?/What is Mathoni?

- He is a follower of Jesus Christ that lived in the Ancient Americas circa 33 AD. He is briefly mentioned in the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. Not much is known about him, except he was one of the twelve American disciples chosen after Christ's resurrection.
- This is the name is one I chose for myself when I was 14, because I wanted another name. Not sure of the reason now, except that I thought it sounded cool, was similar to my name, but not too close. I just wanted to create an alternate ego for myself, I guess. This was long before I had heard of the internet or had ever gone online, but the name has worked well as an online alias.


What is this page all about?/What is the purpose of this page?

- Me, of course. And the stuff I want to put on it. My writings, artwork, pictures, links, interests, etc. Really, this page has all sorts of stuff on it. Check it out. Even if I don't update this often, I have a lot of ideas that . . .
- This page is a way to express myself digitally. Plus it's fun. Here is an old statement on my webpage philosophy, preserved for your benefit.
- This page also serves as a way to keep people updated and on top of the current events in my life.
- In the end, this page is all about the vanity. But you knew that.


When did this webpage start?/When do you have time to work on this thing?

- Originally, this page started in November of 1997, hosted on a couple of no-name servers before going to Geocities. Then they got banners. Then they got watermarks. Then I just stopped caring that much. However, back in May, 2001, I scrapped the old and redesigned it for a qwest server. Switched hosts to excite@home server, which died and became Well, then we moved and I had to find another home. Well, then I went to, but it had popunders. Last year in December, I purchased a domain name and web hosting space and I'm pretty happy with it being that way. Free web hosting stinks to high heaven.
- As you can probably see by the lack of frequent updates, this page is not worked on very often. In the best possible world, I would work on this about once a month. That does not always happen, sadly. In the old days, when I first started this page, back in 1997, I worked on it every day. I also had no social life and few friends who lived within 100 miles of me. Fun times.


Where did the old page go?/Where are my old favorite features?/Where can I always find the new page?

- The old page went into digital oblivion. Actually, I have a local copy archived on my hard drive, for reference.
- The old stories and writings, the hand page, the old news and a few other old favorites are restored in their glory to this new page. Some of the other things were cut because I didn't like them, or because no one else seemed to like them. No, I won't tell you what's missing.
- This new page is currently located at You can also find the site if you type in .


Why is this called "The Book of . . . ?"/Why the dark theme?/Why this design?/Why do you persist in this madness? Why am I here? Why did you make this FAQ so weird?

- I am many things in life, not the least of which is a writer. I'd like to think of this as an interactive, digital book of me.
- One of my active hobbies, aside from writing, is also reading. It was a small leap from there.
- The dark theme had its own controversy long ago, not long after the birth of that page. I never completely understood why, but wrote a rebuttal then toward which I direct your attention now. Truth is, the current page doesn't have much of a dark theme, but I'll change that someday.
- I use this simple design without frames because I've decided frames are normally lame and boring and evil. I don't have anything too complex because I don't have the time to learn advanced coding, nor do I have the interest. Plus, I would rather focus on concept, rather than design. But as I get bored, I do make the occasional design change.
- I persist because I must, because I'm driven to express, to create. Although I've already posted a link above, let me again direct your attention to my web page philosophy, including the big why.
-Perhaps you should tell me why you are here. Emails are appreciated, as are phone calls (for those who are lucky enough to know that number). Perhaps you stumbled onto my page. Perhaps you were bored. Perhaps you wondered where my old site went and followed the link from there. Who knows? If you are REALLY unsure of why you are here (as in "Why am I here and what is the purpose of life?"), then I would direct you to the following pages, and Just a thought.
-The FAQ is in a weird format because I felt like it. I wanted to do something different. Besides, nobody actually reads this thing, anyway. Prove to me I'm wrong.


How did you make this page?/How do I get a hold of you? How do I find specific items on your page?

- I made this page using Macromedia's Dreamweaver 4.0. I used to handcode, back in the old days. My original page was all done manually. I'm lazier now, but still do a lot of manual tweaking (can't let Dreamweaver have all the fun). I have made a page of useful webpage creation links that I've used. There are literally thousands more out there, and I'm not going to try and list them all, so use what I have as a starting place.
- Perhaps the easiest way to get a hold of me is my email address, which is:

I no longer post my email in text form, because people nab it via "spiders" and archive my email for spam lists. Let's see if this holds them back a little.
-To find specific things on my site, you can try this nifty little search:

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