A Statement about Darkness

Jan. 13, 2002 - I'm including this on the new page in an effort to be complete. This will hopefully answer some questions, too (see the FAQ). I really don't have as dark a page now, but the dark edge is definitely still there. This was originally written in mid November, 1997. People were worried that the whole page had an erie, dark, magical feel to it. I just had to respond.

First off, I appreciate any feedback I receive.
To introduce this topic, I must explain that some concern has been expressed. The "Darkened Theatre" title and theme is found as troubling. The majority of viewers, I might add, find little distressing about this, but I felt the concern should be addressed.
I would like to here say that this entire web page is a reflection of me. I believe that everyone has a darker and a lighter side to them. I plan on having both in my web page. Please note that my page is still under construction, even though I removed the ugly and unwieldy construction signs that used to burden my opening page. I repeat, this web page is still under construction.
However, more than just being a composit of me (see my philosophy page), the dark/light motifs are here for the purpose of contrast. I will be continually adding things to this web page that I believe will accent the contrast inherent to life. For example, on the lighter side, I already have a page devoted to one of the most important aspects of my life, the gospel of Jesus Christ (see my Mormon links (not currently up) to see). In addition, I also have a small page devoted to comics. I will be adding more of this theme of "light" stuff in the future, so bear with me in this process. Any suggestions are appreciated and I thank those who have given their feedback.

The dragon motif is also meant to convey something, in this case, a sense of fantasy. I don't mean the magic and elves and stuff, although that is obviously a part of it. I am referring to the magic that should be in all our lives. We are here in this beautiful world to marvel in it's glory and mystery. We are to learn of that mystery. However, some things will always remain mysterious to the finite mind of man. And that's ok. We need that bit of fantasy, to give a little hope.

However, in the end, I confess that I feel justified
to do whatever I wish, within decent limits,
according to my creative abilities. I feel I have that license.

I am considering doing a gray motif as well,
for the sake of balancing it all out, but we shall see.

Thank you.

An additional comment (added 11/23/97):
It occurs to me that many people wonder at the change they see in my pages here. Those who have met me in person are unsure about the seeming incongruence between the real life me and the internet me. I claim there is no difference in person, only in perception. I have always been a meloncholic person (not necessarily in the depressed sense). For example, I have always loved a cloudy to a sunny day, a tragedy to a light and fluffy ending, realism to blindness. If that has not always come across to others, that is because I am a multifaceted being. In other words, there is more than one side to me. I am like a diamond, twisting in the light. Also, I am learning to be more expressive of myself. If some cannot accept that, I am sorry, but this is me. Perhaps it is a more balanced view of me than you are accustomed to seeing, but the truth is here.

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