My philosophy on web pages

Jan. 13, 2002 - When I first wrote this, people really did want to know. I still think this is a good statement of why I continue with this rarely visited webpage. Don't know why anyone else would. That's not the point, here.

Well, you wanted to know, so . . .

You may wonder what right I have to create a web page.
You may wonder what makes me think anyone wants to see and know who I am.
In answer, I must explain that this whole process is an extension of me.
As I learn and grow, I continually redefine myself and my personality
My presence on the web is an expression of that growth and change.
If no one ever visits this page but me, I will consider it a success,
because I made it and further defined who I am.

I see the creation of a web page as a form of expression, a way of personal definition. The world is becoming an increasingly impersonal place and people are getting distanced from each other. Rather than bring the world together, technology creates new barriers between us. We deal with computers rather than people on the phone or at gas stations. We talk on phones and by emails and chat rooms instead of dealing with a real person. Am I complaining about technology? On the contrary, I see technology as a wonderful thing. I wouldn't have this web page if there were no computers, for example. But we have to remember what is really important in life.
So with a web page, I am able to reach out to more people than I was previously able. There is the danger of this being too impersonal and so I am putting me in here. I'm being real and honest (perhaps even brutally honest) about myself. Dangerous, but necessary to make this personal and not another wall to hide behind.

These pages represent me. No one else. I put my interests in here. I have likes and dislikes. I have thoughts and feelings. Others around me may add their influence, but this set of web pages is my creation, my world, my stage to act upon. My theatre. Here, I act out my thoughts, dreams, hopes, whims, and so forth. I like to consider myself an artist (of words and music, although not necessarily together), and every artist needs expression. We artists are a conceited lot that believe we have something to say. We also believe others want to (or should want to) hear us. My hope is that you do want to, but I also enjoy hearing others. Speak, please.
In the course of creating this web page, I am reevaluating what is important to me. I am redefining myself, both for me and in society. This is an ongoing process for me, and should be for everyone. As I take this journey, there are dark and light points, and every possible gray (I suppose I can even add color into the mix), but it is always worth it.
Does everyone with a web page think about it like this? I don't know. Perhaps I shouldn't know. But I wonder. Within these pages are aspects of me, but they are not me. Merely an extension.

12/07/97 - I decided to add that this page is also a tool. My hope is that this page will become, more and more, a useful tool. I want to stimulate conversation and stir up ideas. I want people to see the world in a different way, to consider their place in the cosmos in new terms. As I learn and grow, I realize there is no one way of looking at things. More importantly, there is no one RIGHT way to see things. Don't agree with me or do. Either way, let me know! I want this to be an organic, growing work, always in progress. I want to open a dialogue. My hope would be to someday get a message board on my system, but until then, keep emailing me. And again, thank you, all who take the time to write.

Thank you for listening.

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