Attempting Human

Written Nov. 26, 1997

Any time I want to feel
to just turn off the numbness
A breathless kiss will do
to waken my senses

Creating worlds from darkness
Stages to act upon
With nothing to say that will make sense
I mutely stand and say nothing

It's a constant theft from the landscape
To return something to the world
Raping my experience
to build a world of beauty

A life in motion, yet so stale
like the collision of realities
Finding a new paradigm
because the old one's too small

I begin anew to sense the insensible
and live through my fingertips and eyes
A sensual existence
A deep, vast, expansive void

Life in miniature,
a life of deception
Where I sit and wait
for electrons to tell me I'm real

© Matthew Rutherford 1997

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