Rude People and Rumors

November 22, 1999

I wrote this because at the time, people in my old apartment complex were not very happy with me, based on some rumors that were being spread by old roommates. What a big mess that I can only be grateful is over.


Why are people sometimes rude? What causes us to be inhumane against other humans? Is there something inside of us that motivates hate, fear, jealousy, anger, spite or apathy? Is it society's fault? Is it bad upbringing? Is it in our genes? Well, I like to think we have a choice, and too many people make the wrong one. Can't we all just get along?

This sappy and unoriginal thought is inspired by many things. My whole stay in Tucson, perhaps? Ok, it hasn't been all bad, living here. I mean, I have had good experiences here and made some good friends. However, I've never had as many roommate problems as I have had since I moved to Tucson. Psychos? I think so.

But I'm not here to complain about past actions of others. I have recently been made aware of a problem concerning my car. People have been writing nasty things in the dust collecting on my dead car. People have been throwing eggs at my dead car. People have even been (so I hear) ready to write with magic marker on my dead car (those people were stopped before they did any damage). What's worse, many of these people were friends at one time. The power of a rumor, of gossip. To top it all off, other friends were not even telling me what was going on, and these were the loyal ones. I'm not sure I really care for people right now. And Tucson, I can do without.

Think I'm overreacting to the damage to my car? See the evidence here


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