Kari Parts I and II

I wrote the first part of this when Kari and I first started dating. At this point, we had been together for a week and already, I realized this relationship was quite differend from any I had been in before. The second part was started the first time Kari and I spent significant time apart after getting married. Kari was out of town for several days and I was barely used to her being with me constantly. *sigh* How things change. I finished part II on 5/31/01 and posted it the same day.



Kari Part I (2/23/99)

a torrent of tyrrany, tragedy, took hold and tied my tongue
and I am left without words or thoughts, or understanding
knowing only that I know.
quietly she chips away at my resolve, and I at hers
not knowing the night or day, but looking, searching
a dangerous, fascinating, fatal game we play
a deceit, a trap, feinting and dodging, hunting as prey
a gentle touch, a blinding gaze, an uncertain smile
unseen and unheard, for my security is vulnerable
and weak. caught but still running.

Kari Part II (started 12/00, completed 5/31/01)

a weekend apart and I'm free
to sleep in and sleep alone and take up the entire bed
and not shave or shower in the morning
to watch TV or to read or write and not be bothered
a weekend to swim or do pushups without being watched
and yet,
I miss you getting underfoot, always in my way
and the way you talk when I want silence
how you snuggle when I want sleep
your smell still clings to the sheets
your books are still on the shelves.
your touch is in every room,
from the photos on the walls
to your laundry piled in the corner
and I realize I want you to
hurry back home.

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