Written Oct. 14, 1998
This poem is unlike any other sonnet
In fact, it will never be fully completed
I have no intention of adding a final line on it
The sonnet form needs to be unseated

Must every poetic word be spelled out?
Must every sonnet follow a certain structure?
And why did former poets have so much clout?
Can't writers today write without censure?

A form is only as good as its creator
But the person who made the first sonnet is dead
Today, are we not allowed to write something better?
Let's look forward, not backwards, to things still unsaid

And give the sonnet a rest

To those of you who don't know what a sonnet is, this is dang clever. To those of you who do, you already could see it is clever. A sonnet is a restrictive (to some) poetic form with a specific rhyme scheme and amount of lines. While I followed the rhyme well enough, I purposefully left off the last line, #14. And it doesn't sound unnatural! Incredible! And to think this masterpiece was written for a classroom assignment! Wow! The wit and intelligence I must have!

Yeah. Ok. Anyway, enjoy.

© Matthew Rutherford 1999

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