July 21, 2003

Well, the long week of convention is over and I racked something like 70 hours or so (don't know the final number yet). We sold easily over twice as much as last year, which is surprising considering how slow the economy is doing right now. Hey, we aren't complaining. My company attended the convention of Young Living, as they do every year. I met a lot of nice people whom I have talked to on the phone. It was a very interesting (and tiring) experience.

I really missed my family, though. Elijah acted up while I was gone. I guess he missed me too. Kari couldn't sleep very well while I was gone. Ah, well. I didn't exactly sleep well, either, sharing my hotel room with a couple of teenage boys. Hey, they are good kids, but no substitute for my family. I did find myself more social than normal, enjoying the company of others. I forgot I had it in me. Nowadays, my life isn't very social life oriented, but I chatted up with customers and had a pretty good time, actually.

Elijah is picking up words daily and enjoys helping his mom clean (well, he wipes around with a cloth and she cleans, but it is a start). Kari and I are going to be putting our "office" in a seperate room soon, instead of in our bedroom. Of course, my own feeling is that I'd like to just have my own apartment, but the job market is crap right now. *sigh* I need to go back to school so I can earn more. Hopefully, this year it happens.

We are now preparing to go to Sierra Vista for a week. Good, I need the break. I'm also pleased that we have another holiday this month that falls during this week. It is a Utah only holiday called Pioneer Day, and I'm happy for the day off on Thursday. Then back to work Friday and a long break in Arizona. That will be fun.

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