May 27, 2003

Well, last month, Elijah had his first birthday party. Nearly everyone we know in Utah actually came to his party. We tried to use the pavillion behind the house, but weather and the fates combined against us. First, it never really warmed up and a chilly wind kept blowing. The charcoal was purchased later than it should have been (we won't mention who should have gone earlier, Marie, but we aren't mad), so the barbecue was delayed and people were hanging out in the cold. Our neighbors, the ones who built the pavillion in the first place, decided to work on it while we were there. So, eventually, everyone ended up indoors. Elijah got a ton of presents but was interested in the balloons, mostly. Kari had to open the presents while I took pictures. Then we cut the cake, after giving Elijah his own, smaller cake to destroy. Yeah, he blew out the candle, with help from Kari.

I am still working at the publishing company. Things are slow there right now, due to the economy, war (now over, but the effects linger on) and the dumb decisions of our sister company (decisions that affect us more than they should). We are working on getting a new catalog out. Hopefully, that will stimulate business. The staff writer, Karen, who works there, is one of the few ways I get intellectual stimulation through interactoin these days.

I have slowly been deciding what to do with my future. I can't help but think that BYU wasn't right for me and that I dodged a bullet by not being accepted for this year. A part of me still considers other options, like trying a different career path besides counseling. It is tempting to try technical writing, or even creative writing. All I know is, something has to change. I have to earn more money, especially as the family continues to grow. Heck, Kari and I have even discussed buying a minivan some day. That's not exactly a cool vehicle to buy, but we consider it out of practicality. We shall see what happens (need more money for that, obviously).

Lately, Kari and I are actually considering moving to Salt Lake. It would be nice to get some independence again (neither of us feel it "takes five adults" to raise Elijah and have more space. Plus, I think both of us would enjoy being out of happy valley (Utah Valley, where Orem is located). So, maybe the U of Utah is where I'm supposed to be. By the time I apply again, I'll be eligible for in-state tuition (stupid Utah for making it a two-year requirement). Oh, well. Things happen for a reason. We shall see what happens.

Well, Chris and Marie (in-laws) have returned after being in California for nearly two months. Though I like and love them very much, it was nice to have a break. However, their leaving created a roommate situation for Kari and me. Of course, we do not want or need roommates, having had several very bad experiences in Tucson with roommates. Actually, living in the same house with Heather (sister-in-law) has not been bad and she often helps with Elijah, but she kind of wondered why we weren't paying for food and stuff. Well, once Kari explained it, she became independent in that area. Mihwa (random helpless Korean woman that lives here) couldn't accept that we wouldn't pay for us. I don't know what she did for toilet paper after it ran out upstairs. I mean, we don't use the bathroom upstairs, now that our own is working (hallelujah). Why should we pay for her to wipe hereself? Why should Kari clean up after her? These were the expectations. We were really beginning to resent her. Well, Chris and Marie's return from California afforded her the opportunity to complain and try to turn others on us. Yeah, we were happy. However, tonight, she announced her intention to move next weekend. She's had this plan for over a month and said nothing till now. Bleah. I try not to be too negative, but she really was supposed to live here only two weeks, not six months. I tried to be nice at first, but I didn't feel like I should have to take care of here (and she's older than me).

In other news, Kerstin (other sister-in-law) just bought a new car up here. She plans on moving back to Utah soon and didn't even bother registering the car in California, where she currently lives. We are trying to get my family to actually come here and visit us again (the funeral didn't count, because that wasn't exactly a vacation and it wasn't a lot of time). Kari has almost finished next Christmas' presents. Elijah banged his nead (next to his left eye) on a TV stand and needed stitches. It has actually healed pretty well, but is still red and puffy. Ah, well. He is still a very beautiful child. Kari and I haven't had to teach Sunday School for a month or more and won't for another month, at least, because our chapel is getting construction work done on it. So we are meeting in the Stake Center building, which means we share the building with many other wards, and have been cut to a two hour block instead of three hours. No Sunday school.

Kari and I have our three year anneversary coming up next month. We plan on leaving for a three-day weekend and hang out in St. George. Ooh, big holliday in a big place, I know. But that is where the Rutherford family reunion will be next year and we want to check it out beforehand. Besides, we just want to get away for a while. We love Elijah, but need just a little break. So many people comment on how energetic he is, we hear it all the time. Well, he is also very smart, inquisitive and friendly (additional attributes that keep him busy and into mischief). He is a fun guy to have around, though. Well, that's all for now.


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