March 14, 2003

It has been over two weeks now since I had my formal interview with the BYU Educational Psychology Counseling faculty for both the Masters and PhD programs. Kari called me at work to tell me a letter came from BYU and I gave her permission to open it. I was not recommended for the Masters program. Well, that's not the one I wanted to get into as much, so no great loss. Also, I would automatically be rejected for the Masters program if I'm accepted into the PhD one. Still waiting. We Shall see. I actually try not to think about it too much, or I will stress out the way Kari is stressing.

The night before the interviews, there was an informal ice cream social with several of the current grad students, in which the applicants were able to ask questions and get to know the competition, I mean their co-applicants. It was weird, that night and the next day, getting to know several people, knowing they could take your slot, so you want to hate them, but also knowing you might be working closely with them for 5 years, so you also are inclined to like them. Actually, there were a lot of nice people, most of whom I wouldn't mind working with. We shall see.

The next day was the interview. It actually was a couple of interviews with two sets of professors, a group activity in which we were observed, then a writing activity where we were to write about our group activity. There was also a question and answer period, where we found out there were six to eight (?) slots available. There were 21 people there, plus any people who couldn't attend and faced a phone interview. The number was small, indicating that those attending were an elite group, just to have gotten that far. It was an exhausting day, though. I went to work after the interviews and when I got home that night, I just collapsed. Didn't realize I was so tired. But hopefully, there will be some fruit from all my labor.

I keep busy. I've been trying to write more. Elijah has been teething, learning how to walk, is speaking more and more each day, and generally tiring his mom and dad out. But it's fun having him around. Construction still continues on our bathroom, but it's a slow process. We have a sink, toilet, doors, tile on the floor, but still no working shower. Some day.

That's it for now.

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