May 27, 2002

Elijah is now a month old, as of two days ago. He has filled out a lot and is getting pretty active. He's working on mastering roll-overs and pooping right now (hey, it's hard to get that stuff out with undeveloped muscles). He is already outgrowing several outfits of his and eats voraciously. Daddy is happy he is getting a three day weekend (Memorial Day) to spend with his growing family. Daddy (that's me) is also happy to be getting a nice two week vacation after this coming four day week of work. That way, I can spend time with the people most important people to me, my wife and son.

I just went to the orthodontist Thursday the 23rd and was told I am getting my braces off on June 20th. That's pushing it close to when we are moving out of state, but as long as they come off, I'm happy. I mean, I've only had these things on since October of 1996. You do the math and figure out how long it's been since I got braces on my teeth. Kari has never seen me without them. Almost the entire time I have been home from my mission has been spent with braces. Getting them off and moving will mark the end of a post-mission era for me.

Elijah's baby blessing is coming up next Sunday and lots of family are coming to town to see the exciting event. A part of me dreads all the company, largely because it disrupts my . . . schedule, but it will be fun having everyone here again. We're hoping to get my sister Karyn here to visit for a little while before the rest of the horde arrives.

Lately, I've been going through the 130+ pictures I have taken of Elijah in the past month. I'll be putting more up soon. Out of the one person who has voted so far, I have been told to put more pictures of our little boy on the site. Probably will be the most popular part of the site. Ah, well. He is a good looking little guy.

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