October 20, 2001

I am currently very busy looking for a new job, preparing for taking the Psychology subject GRE test next month, getting applications ready to go to grad school next year, helping Kari with her pregnancy, dealing with money shortages, etc. It's fun.

I do have two interviews next week for other jobs. I'm really sick of this one and can't wait to leave. If I could have, I would have walked out a month and a half ago. How do some businesses stay in business? Currently, I'm the case manager with the most experience at that site, and I only have a year's experience. Eh. With that year, I look more attractive to other companies than I did a year ago. Maybe I can even wrangle a decent salary.

Kari had a two week break from student teaching and just started back up. Karyn came to visit us while Kari was on her break. We had a good time, watched movies, hung out, and the girls went shopping. Now there are less than two months to go before Kari graduates. I know she can't wait. Neither can I. The pregnancy is going well, although Kari wouldn't tell you that, considering how tired and often ill she feels. She's hanging in there.

A year from now, we will be gone from Tucson. I have mixed feelings as I prepare for grad school. I've enjoyed having a break from school, but am ready to go back (and of course, I'll be sick of school very quickly, but I'll wait till then to complain). I will not live near my parents and family any more, but might be closer to other family members, so that will be good. I do know I'm ready to see something besides Tucson summers. Ugh!

Hmmm. Anything else going on? Nah. I said the important stuff. I've just been busy.

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