May 30, 2001

Kari has one day left after today for her summer class. Then we go on a vacation to Utah. Evidently, there is some controversy who gets to spend time with us while we are up there, visiting family. *sigh* It's hard to be so popular. I am in the middle of a two week vacation from work. Because my new job starts on July 1, I decided to use up my old vacation days all at once. So I'm being a bum right now.

Kari and I have played two How to Host a Murders recently. I'll let you see her page for the details on the first one (note: I took those pictures on my digital camera, received at Christmas. Turned out pretty well).

My brother Jon spent a few days with Kari and me, leaving just yesterday. Everyone here in the family seemed to enjoy his visit. I was glad to have him come, because I may not get to spend much time with him before his mission (and after his mission, I probably won't live so close. Jon is getting ready to go on his mission by the end of the summer. When I know where, I'll probably put it up here.

Big news. Heid has gotten engaged to a Ryan Cornwall. He's a nice guy that I'm starting to get to know (couldn't get to know him before, because he was just another guy of Heidi's till they got engaged *grin*). At any rate, they are planning on December. Kari beat me to the punch and put up pictures, which you can see here

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