April 25, 2001

Well, the contract change at the place at which I work has put my job status up in the air, but I found out last week that the new place wants to hire me. The best part is, they are offering me slightly more money for my work. Not too bad, especially since they declined to hire me when I applied last year. Oh, well. I guess experience is worth something. However, the bad part of the job is that they don't have computers where I'm going. Hmmm, 21st, century? I think not, at least not there.

Kari spends her time stressing over school, but with four school days left, then finals. Then I will get my wife back.

The car is working well. I had to replace the retractable antenna twice. No more going through automatic car washes with it up. the first replacement failed to stick because the dang thing's motor burned out. This current one has been in for over a week and doing fine. Keeping the fingers crossed.

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