March 21, 2001

Finally, on March 12 (yes, approaching 2 months after the original accident), Kari and I bought a car. On March 14, we actually got the car. On March 20, we officially owned the car. Now we are able to drive whenever we want. Went to Vegas for the weekend to see Kari's aunt get married in the Vegas temple. The car, a 91 Honda Accord, drove beautifully. We are pleased.

Here is our new baby. Name? Possibly Taloola, but don't quote me on that. We haven't decided yet. It's definitely a girl car, though.

In addition, I must say thank you to Gary and Debbie and my parents and everyone else who provided us with rides and cars during the carless period in our lives. Thank you!

Other than the car, other news includes my back hurting and me playing hooky from work today. Well, it really does hurt and I can't do a whole lot today. Been lying around a lot and figured I could do something useful instead. Before doing anything useful, I decided to update the webpage first. I love back pain. Makes me feel . . . old.

Oh, I also may not have a job after July 1. Why? The place where I work lost it's contract to case manage the SMI (Seriously Mentally Ill) in Tucson. The good news is that I may be hired by the place that got the contract. We'll see how this works out.

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