Jan. 27, 2001

News for the day. Kari and I got in an accident today while heading home to Sierra Vista. Well, my home. We didn't even make it out of Tucson. Ah, well. There goes our insurance. There goes our transportation. But that's ok. We have people nearby who will help us out.

Hmmm, other news. Well, a lot has happened since I last updated my old site. I got married, I graduated, I moved, I got a job, my older sister got married (well, one of my three older sisters; the other two were already married) and other fun stuff has happened. Recently, I went with my wife to Utah to see her family for Christmas. Heidi (younger sister) went with us. We had a good time, got some gifts, gained some weight (darn those holliday eating habits) and returned home. Not much else, but I figured that was enough news.

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