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Originally posted January 24, 2006
I have been wracking my brain, trying to figure out why no picture were showing up on this site, but they were on all the other sites I have. Well, it was an .htaccess issue. If you don't know what that means, that's OK. The pictures are back. Now, on to content.

The good news is, I have added a new blog. Yes, a blog. I haven't always got the time to write and be webmaster. This simplifies my task, immensely. I plan on using the blog to update the "what's happening with Matt" portion of this site. Other stuff, well, we shall see. Looking at the current events I currently have, it has been since May of 2005. Too long. So, take a look at the blog. Some day, I'll even put a link up to it on the side menu.
09 Oct 2006 by matt

Rutherford clan continued
I have been putting some good work into the Rutherford clan pages. I actually have four now, but the fourth is disorganized and just has links. I plan on putting much more in there. The problem is not the content, but the research that has been taking so much time. I have found some good resources, though. At any rate, if you have ever been interested in my last name, check out that page. I may also update my current events section soon.
07 Jul 2005 by matt

Rutherford Clan
Yes, it has been ages since I promised to do this, and it is only partially complete, but . . . the Rutheford Clan history has been put online. Um, it will be updated, soon. I promise. I have a couple pages done, and it will likely be at least two more. Patience will be rewarded. :)
05 Jun 2005 by matt