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Originally posted January 24, 2006
I have been wracking my brain, trying to figure out why no picture were showing up on this site, but they were on all the other sites I have. Well, it was an .htaccess issue. If you don't know what that means, that's OK. The pictures are back. Now, on to content.

The good news is, I have added a new blog. Yes, a blog. I haven't always got the time to write and be webmaster. This simplifies my task, immensely. I plan on using the blog to update the "what's happening with Matt" portion of this site. Other stuff, well, we shall see. Looking at the current events I currently have, it has been since May of 2005. Too long. So, take a look at the blog. Some day, I'll even put a link up to it on the side menu.
09 Oct 2006 by matt

Rutherford clan continued
I have been putting some good work into the Rutherford clan pages. I actually have four now, but the fourth is disorganized and just has links. I plan on putting much more in there. The problem is not the content, but the research that has been taking so much time. I have found some good resources, though. At any rate, if you have ever been interested in my last name, check out that page. I may also update my current events section soon.
07 Jul 2005 by matt

Rutherford Clan
Yes, it has been ages since I promised to do this, and it is only partially complete, but . . . the Rutheford Clan history has been put online. Um, it will be updated, soon. I promise. I have a couple pages done, and it will likely be at least two more. Patience will be rewarded. :)
05 Jun 2005 by matt

Recent events added
I must have more spare time, because I have been able to put more time into my site than during school. Actually, I've still been busy, but I finally posted this piece I wrote two weeks ago. Sad. True to form, I never get anything up as soon as it's been written, but that's OK. Better late than never. The current news is about the car Kari and I just bought. Yah.
31 May 2005 by matt

Pictures galore
Well, I made good on my promise and uploaded a huge gallery (131 pictures) of my family tonight. Hopefully, everything works as expected and there are no broken links, but I'm sure you will tell me if there are any problems. Enjoy the pictures and have a good night.
09 May 2005 by matt

More news added
In a quick one-two shot, I went from being seven month behind to caught up. Yes, it's true, I added more news. And you thought I'd given up. If I missed anything, I'm sure Kari (who now reads these things, whereas she never used to) will let me know. I also am working on a photo gallery of my children. This is something you can't miss. Or, you can, but you won't want to. Or, you may want to, but . . . you shouldn't.
08 May 2005 by matt

New news
Sheesh! School has kept me from updating this page much. However, I have some news up. It's all old news, going back from October to early January-ish, and it was mostly written in March. I finally finished it and posted it today. Sad, I know. Maybe I'll do some more in the next couple days. I actually have time, now. I'm out of school for the summer. Yay. Anyway, go to the news page to see the lastest news postings.
05 May 2005 by matt

New writing and news
Actually, I wrote some news back in August and never posted it. Now there are two news postings for the price of one. Still free. Yup. In addition, I added a small rant that may or may not make sense to you about gossip. It is not a great treatise or anything, mostly a comment about things that have been going on in my life lately. If it doesn't make sense to you, that's OK. It's only supposed to make sense to a few people. They will see themselves in it if they read this little piece. If not, eh. I'm still planning on putting up more pictures soon.
15 Nov 2004 by matt

A child is born
I have uploaded my most recent news, which is big news indeed. My little daughter has officially come into this world, as of yesterday at 4:06 in the afternoon. She is beautiful. Read about her at the following link. Unfortunatly, the pictures are not up, yet. I'll try to have them there tonight.

Ally is born
12 Oct 2004 by matt

Finally, things are happening!
I have put up two new things. First of all, we had an ultrasound for our coming baby. You can see the pictures here. We are excited. Also, I put up a news update. Yes, I still have a life, things are still happening. It just takes me forever to write it down. Check it out here. Have a great day.
18 Jun 2004 by matt

Things happening
I must say that things have been busy around here. I intend to have a more full account in my news section, but with weddings, upcoming birthdays, conventions, family visits, mission homecomings, sickness, college applications and taxes, things have been crazy. I'm very tired these days. Nonetheless, I intend to update things here on the site soon. For those who are patient, the time is coming soon. For those who are not, well, sorry.
08 Apr 2004 by matt

Good things happen
Well, this one will be quick. My life is somewhat back on track. I have finished the graduate application process and I'm waiting for all the replies before making a decision. Life is calmer, I have time to play games a lot (which is taking most of my free time these days) and I'm not a stress case. Of course, I've been pondering the writing process, figure I should put something up soon. So, all of you (yes, I mean both of you) should just hold on. I'll write again.
05 Mar 2004 by matt

Busy, busy, busy
I have been in the midst of filling out graduate applications. It has been a very tiring and busy time. I hope to finish the major chunk of my applications this week and finish by February 1, 2004. After the major stuff is done, I might have time for the website next week. We shall see how it works out, but I have big plans.
12 Jan 2004 by matt

I have updated my news page
Just like the title says, I have added not one but two personal news items on this page. If you are motivated, you can read them at the Current Events link to the right. If I'm motivated, I might add a New Years essay up. But then again, I might not. I'm tired and have been very busy. We shall see. Anyway, not much else up with this page right now. More later, I suppose.
01 Jan 2004 by matt

Another beginning
This website has been through many many changes. Over the last 6 years, it has had many looks. Today, I unveil the newest makover. The best part is, now that I've learned to use templates, changing it again in the future will be no problem. Anyway, I like this look and won't change it for a while. Everthing is organized pretty well, too. I haven't converted everything over to the new look, but perhaps soon. This takes time. As for content, I have added a Thanksgiving message, first time since 1998. Yay, go check it out.
30 Nov 2003 by matt

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